Lapwing Spiritual Meaning, Symbolism and Totem

Ah, the sights and sounds of the lapwing bird! With an elegant crest atop its black moho head, striking white patches along its wings and belly, and a terracotta-hued undercarriage, this stunning creature is easy to spot in any environment.

But beyond its physical beauty lies a spiritual significance to be found with the lapwing – one that can provide insight into our lives if we know where to look. In today’s blog post, we explore the lapwing spiritual meaning and various beliefs related to them within different cultures throughout history.

Ready your aesthetes! It’s time to dive deep into the world of spiritual symbolism associated with our feathered friends from afar.

Lapwing Spiritual Meaning, Symbolism and Totem

Lapwing Bird Symbolism and Meaning

Lapwing Bird Native American Symbolism

The lapwing bird is a species of large wading bird known for its exotic plumage and loud, distinctive call. It has strong spiritual significance in Native American culture, often representing courage and creative energy.

In some tribes, the symbol of the lapwing was used to represent powerful female energy and strength during times of transformation.

One myth tells of a great warrior with the spirit of lapwing, embodying noble traits and offering wisdom to his people. For many cultures, seeing a lapwing on one’s shoulder is believed to bring good luck and protection during journeys into unknown territory.

The symbolism of the lapwing is deeply embedded in the history and mythology of Native Americans that exists today.

Lapwing Bird Eastern Symbolism

The Lapwing bird holds many symbolic meanings in Eastern cultures. In ancient Japan, the soul of a dead warrior was believed to reincarnate into a Lapwing, while Romans and Greeks associated them with victory and triumph. The Chinese believed that the cry of a Lapwing could interpret future events such as frosts, drought, and floods.

For the Hindus in India, Lapwings are seen as the souls of those who have moved on to the afterlife, and it is believed that their cries prophesize death. For Buddhists, the nest of a Lapwing symbolizes contentment and joy.

The Lapwing Bird Holds 
Many Symbolic Meanings

With so much symbolism attributed to this particular species, it is no surprise that they are revered across some of the oldest civilizations in Asia.

Lapwing Bird Christianity Symbolism

The lapwing bird has been admired and appreciated in many different cultures and religions throughout history. However, one of the most iconic examples of lapwing symbolism is its relation to Christianity. Within this context, the lapwing bird represents various positive aspects, including faithfulness, freedom, enlightenment, and protection.

As such, it is an ideal mascot for followers of the Christian faith and visitors to places of worship. The use of these gentle birds as symbols shows how Christianity is about strict adherence to teachings and connecting with nature and the beauty that can be found even in small things.

Lapwing Bird Celtic Symbolism

The lapwing bird is steeped in Celtic symbolism, believed to signify the cycle of life due to its distinctive nesting patterns. In addition, the shield-shaped aerial display it performs during mating season is thought to symbolize protection and good luck.

Throughout history, this mysterious bird has been considered a guardian of peace and prosperity, often associated with warriors of ancient clans for its boldness and revolutionary spirit. In addition, legends tell of its use as a tool for clairvoyance, said to reveal secret insights about life when closely watched in flight or song.

Today, the lapwing bird remains an important figure throughout many Celtic cultures, a powerful metaphor for transformation and overcoming obstacles.

Lapwing Bird African Symbolism

The lapwing bird is an iconic symbol for many African cultures. It is believed to share traits of selflessness, liberty, and inner strength with African people. In many stories and folklore, the lapwing symbolizes freedom from oppression and being a teacher of wisdom.

The feathers of the lapwing are often used in traditional medicine, and its calls are said to drive away bad luck. Lapwings have also been seen as an emblem of hope by serving as a reminder that changes in life are inevitable. For all these reasons, lapwing is an important source of inspiration to many African cultures.

Lapwing Spiritual Meaning

The lapwing bird is known for its spiritual symbolism that carries a strong message of overcoming obstacles. The lapwing’s vibrantly colored feathers represent joy, strength, and power.

It is believed that the lapwing’s black-and-white plumage, with its head crest and loud call, can be used as a reminder to stay fearless and rise above every challenge on our journey through life.

The Lapwing Bird 
Is an Iconic Symbol

Its wings ensure the courage to reach new heights is passed down from generation to generation, reminding us to keep pushing forward no matter how difficult things may seem. By embodying resilience and hope, it encourages us to look beyond our fears so we can reach our goals in life.

Lapwing Bird in Dreams

The lapwing bird is a popular symbol of dreams. In many cultures and traditions, the sight of this lovely bird in a dream represents good luck and a wish coming true.

For example, among Native Americans, it was believed that if you saw a lapwing bird in your dream, it was an indicator of an impending blessing and would ensure that whatever task you were trying to accomplish would come to fruition.

Similarly, in East Asian cultures, dreaming about the lapwing bird could mean success in business and symbolize long-lasting relationships or marriage!

Whether one adheres to these superstitions or not, the sight of this vibrant bird flying away with its distinctive wingspan will always be fondly remembered as a sign of great things to come.

Lapwing Bird Encounters and Omens

With its distinct black and white feathers, the lapwing bird has long held a sacred place in many cultures. While the lapwing’s haunting cry often inspires fear or dread, these remarkable birds also have come to represent omens of good news or fortune for those who encounter them.

According to legend, when a lapwing lands near a person’s home, it brings a blessing that will bring prosperity and joy to their family. While this superstition may be rooted in myth more than reality, it is evidence of the longstanding respect and admiration people worldwide hold for this magisterial creature.

Lapwing Bird’s Meaning in Mythology and Folklore

The Lapwing bird, also known as the Green Plover or Peewit, has been featured in many stories and legends from different cultures worldwide. In some cultures, folklore suggests that these birds are messengers from Heaven (or other spiritual places), while Native American tribes believed them to be harbingers of good luck or fortune.

In Greek mythology, Apollon is often said to be an example of a metamorphosis between a man and a Lapwing bird. Meanwhile, Welsh folk tales frequently represent this species as wise tricksters with special powers of transformation.

Lapwing Bird Known 
As the Green Plover

Although their significance across different mythologies may vary, it is generally accepted that the Lapwing signifies positive symbolism – suitable luck, protection, and guidance – whatever your beliefs may be.

Lapwing Bird Totem Animal

Lapwing birds are beautiful birds with black and white wings, making them visually striking. Not only that but lapwings are also regarded as powerful totems for several reasons. First, their ability to survive in harsh environments is a testament to their perseverance, making them inspiring symbols of resilience.

Additionally, the flapping of their wings can be seen as a reminder that life is full of struggles, but with persistence; we can keep going no matter how difficult the situation gets. Lapwing bird totem animals remind us that we can overcome challenges through our dedication and strength!

Lapwing Bird Tattoo Meaning

Lapwing birds, which are often seen in open fields on sunny days, symbolize freedom and courage. For that reason, many people engrave permanent reminders of those qualities into their skin in the form of a lapwing bird tattoo.

It can be a reminder to remain positive despite uncertainty or fear or maybe a promise never to give up chasing dreams. For some people, a lapwing bird tattoo serves as their own coat of arms and motivation to keep soaring through life and have faith in destiny.

Lapwing Bird Spirit Animal

The lapwing bird spirit animal symbolizes protection and courage. In times of adversity, its energy helps us face our fears and find the strength within ourselves to overcome our troubles.

Associated with the element of air, it grants us enhanced intuition and insight into situations beyond the physical realm, allowing us to see through any deception that may be presented before us.

Associated With The Element of Air

Furthermore, it encourages one to be bold and decisive in their actions without worrying too much about the consequences, giving a much-needed boost in confidence. Lapwing can be a faithful companion throughout one’s journey toward self-actualization.


The lapwing spiritual meaning reminds us that we are all connected and that although life can be difficult and full of challenges, it is also full of joy if we take the time to appreciate them. The lapwing totem encourages us to have faith in ourselves even when times seem hard – and not just to survive but to thrive.

Lapwings remind us that no matter how dark the night is, the sun will always come out in the morning, allowing us to find new strength and possibilities. It is a powerful symbol of hope and resilience, encouraging us never to give up on our dreams and goals.
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