Pekingese Spiritual Meaning, Symbolism and Totem

The Pekingese dog may seem like an ordinary canine companion, but these pups are brimmed with symbolism and spiritual depth. Their long lineage is easily discernible in their physical features, as they have been bred to contain the divine

Pekingese Spiritual Meaning, Symbolism and Totem

energies of Chinese mythology. Often referred to as “lion dogs” or “sun dogs” due to their majestic manes and dignified personalities, the breed carries a weighty significance that has captivated people around the world for centuries. In this blog post, we will explore the pekingese spiritual meaning and how you can benefit from having one yourself!

Pekingese Dog Symbolism and Meaning

Pekingese Dog Native American Symbolism

The Pekingese is a dog breed with strong ties to Native American symbolism. Though the breed originated in China, its small stature, loyal nature, and playful spirit earned it a special place in the hearts of indigenous Americans. Some tribes held the belief that centuries ago, the gods had gifted them with these dogs as loyal protectors and companions.

Another popular legend tells of a tiny dog that pulled a Chief from his burning tepee during an attack by another tribe. Regardless of their origin story, these beloved canines have become symbolic in many Native American communities of loyal companionship and steadfast protection.

Pekingese Dog Eastern Symbolism

The Pekingese is thought to have originated in China and was named after the city of Peking. These animals have held a sacred place in Eastern culture for many centuries, serving as a symbol of royalty and status. Though small in stature, the Pekingese have a commanding dignity, making them an indispensable part of ceremonies and celebrations for various Chinese dynasties.

Its long glossy coats, compact size, and rounded facial features give it an air of regal beauty that captivates many people. Its heartfelt devotion and loyalty to its owners make this breed increasingly popular across the globe. Owning a Pekingese can be truly rewarding, both as a reminder of Eastern culture’s faithfulness as well as having such an endearing companion by one’s side.

Pekingese Dog Christianity Symbolism

Pekingese Dog Has Long Been a Favorite of Christians

The Pekingese dog has long been a favorite of Christians who recognize its connection to spiritual symbolism. This breed is mentioned in the writings of both Confucius and Lao Tzu, who many Christians revere as scholars with deep spiritual insight. The shape of its body resembles that of a lion, and this has been taken to represent Jesus, the “Lion of Judah.”

In addition, multiple Chinese emperors allegedly kept them in their courts, which could be seen as symbolizing the Christian serving God through service to a higher power. Despite not being widely known for their religious significance, the Pekingese’s long history makes them ideal companions for those seeking animals that can profoundly reflect such spiritual truth.

Pekingese Dog Celtic Symbolism

The Pekingese dog has a long and storied history in many cultures. In Celtic legends, the Pekingese are associated with old-world charm and grace. They were considered sacred animals with powers such as alertness and courage. This belief was rooted in the ability of the Pekingese to retain an independent spirit while still being obedient companions.

The graceful silhouette of the breed was even incorporated into Celtic artwork, symbolizing loyalty, strength, and wisdom. A reminder of these ancient beliefs can be seen today in the lion-like mane still found on most Pekingese dogs, making them unique compared to other dog breeds!

Pekingese Dog African Symbolism

Throughout history, the Pekingese dog has often been associated with African royalty and nobility. Given the breed’s regal stature, lion-like features, and long and illustrious pedigree in Imperial China, this relationship is understandable. During the early colonial period, Pekingese puppies were thought to bring good luck to their owners – a symbol found in many ancient African cultures, which believed that having a small companion of such regality on their side would grant them a great favor.

Distinguished by their short muzzles and large eyes, it’s no wonder that this captivating breed was thought to be an auspicious gift from African kings and queens. Today the Pekingese still holds claim as one of the most sought-after breeds worldwide – a true testament to its esteemed status as an ancient symbol of prosperity.

Pekingese Spiritual Meaning

This Breed is Believed to Be a Sort of Amulet

The spiritual meaning behind the Pekingese breed goes beyond its long, fluffy coat and playful persona. This breed is believed to be a sort of amulet in many cultures, capable of bringing luck and protection to their owners. Each pup’s adorable personality truly reflects what they have the potential to bring – joy, stability, and companionship.

The luxurious, dense coat reflects the mindfulness and universal awareness that can come with being a pet owner – reminding us to pay attention and protect our furry friends from harm. Pekingese dogs never cease to remind us how important spiritual connection is: giving good luck and demonstrating unconditional love and friendship.

Pekingese Dog in Dreams

Dreams featuring a Pekingese dog may provide insight into what one struggles with in daily life. Often these dreams point to someone’s inner courage, particularly when the Pekingese are feeling threatened. It could be interpreted as a sign that, even in times of fear or intense emotion, one can rely on their own strength and determination for protection.

Others believe that dreaming about a Pekingese signals a need for greater companionship or comfort. The dreamer will gain the clarity they need to make an important decision if the dog remains loyal and supportive during the dream. All in all, the presence of a Pekingese in dreams suggests that personal strength and self-trust are vital keys in navigating difficult times and making wise decisions.

Pekingese Dog Encounters and Omens

The Pekingese is a regal, ancient breed of dog that originated in China centuries ago. Even then, it was known to be keenly sensitive to good and bad omens. In many Asian cultures, the presence of a Pekingese is said to portend either good luck or bad luck, depending on the circumstances of its appearance. Encountering a Pekingese out of the blue can be an unnerving experience for some people as they pause and consider what kind of omen the appearance of this fabled dog might bring. Whether it will bring good tidings or bad is up to one’s interpretation. Either way, it can often make for an exciting opportunity to reflect upon life’s unknown possibilities!

Pekingese Dog’s Meaning in Mythology and Folklore

Deep Meaning in Mythology and Folklore

Pekingese Dogs have a deep meaning in mythology and folklore. Native to China, they were originally a symbol of power, wealth, luck, and good fortune. Worshipped by Chinese emperors in ancient times, the dogs’ luxurious fur coats made them stand apart from other breeds due to their similarity to dragons. Today, Pekingese still hold meaning and are seen as protectors; their small size belies their big-heartedness.

In some cultures, these dogs are also seen as good luck charms for long life, health, and protection against evil spirits. The unique characteristics of this breed make it clear why these canine companions have been revered for centuries.

Pekingese Dog Totem Animal

Pekingese dogs are known for their determined and courageous demeanors, so it is not surprising that this majestic breed is strongly associated with the lion-like totem animal. Representing confidence and strength, the Pekingese dog totem animal is believed to possess qualities that help nurture the development of good character traits in those associated with the breed. These characteristics may be found in humans and animals, as the solidity of power and pride these species embody creates a great combination of wisdom and protection. You can’t go wrong with such a noble companion at your side!

Pekingese Dog Tattoo Meaning

A Pekingese Dog tattoo is popular for animal lovers looking to express their love and respect for the breed. This breed of dog is known for its unique history as a companion to royalty in ancient China and its iconic spitz-type look with deep red coloring and a small, fluffy body. Pekingese tattoos can symbolize loyalty, faithfulness, and protection – all traits that one might appreciate in the canine world – but also strength, intelligence, and the ability to overcome difficulties. The tattoo can also have spiritual meanings, such as heritage and ancestry or being part of a larger community. To those who love these loyal companions, wearing this image may be a way to honor them as they did you.

Pekingese Dog Spirit Animal

The Pekingese dog is said to have a unique spirit animal – the lion. It’s easy to see why when you take a look at its proud bearing, beautiful mane, and deep, majestic gaze. This breed is known for its strong will and independence, which make it both beloved by owners and uncommonly responsive to commands. The Pekingese’s loud, dignified bark further reflects its spirit animal as it rarely barks without cause and always demands attention from those around it. In Chinese royalty and mythology, the lion represents power while also being a symbol of love in certain cultures — surely qualities fitting of the bold yet affectionate Pekingese.

The Pekingese Dog is Said to Have a Unique Spirit Animal


The Pekingese dog is an ancient breed with a long and storied history. Its spiritual meaning, symbolism, and totem represent courage, loyalty, and a connection to power. This Pekingese has the strength to fight for what it believes in but also the wisdom to know when it’s better to stay quiet.

Those of us who take on this special breed can rest assured that the Pekingese spirit is always with us – standing by, offering guidance and support. Our Pekingese will remain a loyal companion for life as long as we honor its spiritual meaning, symbolism, and totem. Thanks for reading our post about the pekingese spiritual meaning.

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